At Benson Creek Custom Lumber LLC, we specialize in cutting lumber to suidvvt your needs.  We have limited stocks of standard size lumber, but can cut green lumber to your specifications with a very short turn-around time.

Currently, we offer rough-sawn (green) lumber and a small amount of air-dried lumber.  Future plans are to add a kiln, and to offer kiln-dried wood, as well.  We sell our lumber by the board foot rather than the piece, so you never have to buy more lumber than you need.

In addition to cutting our own logs, most of which are sourced from our own family farm, we can cut your logs to your specifications, as well.  Our mill is fully portable, so we can come to you!

At Benson Creek, we realize that the most important aspect of our business is you, our customer.  We aim to provide excellent service and quality products for competitive prices.

log on mill.jpg